Gluten Free Geelong

Gluten Free by Isaac – Geelong’s very own Gluten Free Warrior

Finally I have my website up and running – providing an information source for those near and far. For those that don’t know much about me, this is my story….Gluten Free Geelong I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease towards the end of my Prep year (I was 6 years old), when I suddenly became unwell. I lost 6 kgs in 3 weeks and my doctor knew something wasn’t right, as I rarely get sick. He sent me for tests and then to a paediatrician, who did further tests and suspected Coeliac Disease. I then saw a gastroenterologist who confirmed Coeliac Disease via a biopsy. Up until this point, there was no reason to suspect I was unwell.Gluten Free Geelong  The idea for my own business started on a family holiday to Hawaii when was 9, where I was in awe at the ease of obtaining gluten free foods and became frustrated by the lack of understanding that some food establishments in Australia have regarding Coeliac Disease. My Mum and Dad spoke to me about how I can’t just sit back and let this lack of understanding continue, and that if I’m not happy, then I would need to do something about it.

We talked about readily available foods I missed and fresh donuts were what I missed the most. That really was how it all started, as my parents spoke to me about being able to do anything I want to when I grow up.

Gluten Free Geelong Little did they know at the time what I was dreaming!

If you didn’t already know, I work out of a registered, exclusively Gluten Free kitchen, and have been working hard to build my product range. I continue to find local stockists in the Geelong region that are prepared to safely store and handle my products, and minimise cross contamination for my customers. You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates on where to find my Gluten Free products around Geelong and the Surf Coast.

Gluten Free Geelong